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topi akter
Jun 11, 2022
In Beauty Forum
Under the epidemic, on the one category email list hand, traffic is difficult to find, and on the other hand, the incoming volume cannot be converted. Traffic is the lifeblood of education companies, and conversion is the core of educational operations. Under the same traffic, a high-conversion team will bring great impetus to education companies, especially online education companies, while most online education companies have been trapped category email list in the in the question of community selling. The previous article "365 days, 10 million revenue, 30% conversion category email list rate, the secrets of educational community transformation are all here" talked about the three core factors of educational community sales: traffic, experience, and payment. Today, we mainly focus on education The core problem of community selling Let's take a look at how education sales conversion can improve. So what exactly is community selling? Is community category email list selling a scientific job or a non-standard job. Through nearly a year of practice and several category email list rotations of the community sales team, I tried to restore the key links and management model of education community sales. I hope to find a scientific and effective way to build a high-revenue sales team with all online education colleagues. method. 1. From 0 to 10 in education community sales, find the core path of high conversion When a product has just been developed, the category email list problem we have to face is to build.
100-person Team  Category Email List content media
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topi akter

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