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sukanto Kuri
Jun 28, 2022
In Beauty Forum
Native advertising and programmatic advertising are already an essential part Photo Retouching of the digital ecosystem that expands to all kinds of formats. The market share of programmatic advertising has not stopped growing in recent years, as it has many advantages for advertisers: more precision, time and resource savings, better ROI... Although we usually associate it with display ads In online media, the truth is that programmatic advertising is conquering new spaces such as wearables, television and online radio. We tell you the news. Do you want to know in depth the benefits Photo Retouching of Native Advertising? Click here and register for free to our complete training. 3 new placements for wearables, TV and radio programmatic advertising Photo Retouching Programmatic advertising on wearables Wearables , those electronic devices that we "wear" to always be with us, are becoming part of the programmatic advertising environment. From smart watches to connected sneakers, the world of wearables has been developing and advertising companies know it. Wearables are a very suitable location for programmatic advertising, as these devices generate a large amount of data about the user who wears them. In turn, this data feeds programmatic advertising campaigns and gives us the opportunity to optimize marketing campaigns with maximum precision. The wearables industry is in full swing right now, projected to grow at 15.9% per year Photo Retouching between 2020 and 2027. The internet of things and connected devices are becoming more popular, and consumers are becoming increasingly popular. are more willing to use these technologies. In 2019, nearly a quarter of US adults used a wearable device at least once a month. Smart watches are the most common, but there is also an interesting market in products such as fitness trackers, smart glasses and hearables Photo Retouching. For advertisers, wearables have great potential as a programmatic advertising placement because: The digital interfaces of smart watches, such as Apple, Fitbit or Garmin, allow the delivery of digital content and advertisements in a variety of formats.

sukanto Kuri

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